• Once Planning Approval has been given, the next step in the process involves producing comprehensive detailed drawings. These drawings contain all the required construction details needed not only to build the project, but to conform with the final application to your council for actual building approval. Work on site cannot commence until this is given. The content of a typical set of working drawings is set out below :
    1. Floor plans at 1:100 scale, showing all brickwork dimensions and setouts, window sizes and a roof plan.
    2. Elevations at 1:100 scale, showing all external features, natural ground level, proposed new floor levels ceiling heights etc.
    3. Multiple cross sections at 1:50 scale, showing detailed construction information and references.
    4. Miscellaneous construction details, at 1:20 scale as required. These relate to the finer points of building design and construction.
    5. Window and Door schedule at 1:50 scale, indicating comprehensive measurements and specifications for all windows and doors.
    6. Cabinet / Wet area drawings at 1:20 scale indicating general layout of kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry cabinets. Also indicated will be all appliance and plumbing locations, ready for handover to interior designer
    7. Electrical plans at 1:100 scale, indicating all light and power positions throughout the building.
    8. Site plan at 1:200 scale, using a contour plan detailed by a licensed surveyor, and showing detailed building setout dimensions, floor levels plumbing positions etc

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