• Upon your approval of the sketch design, we will then create a new document showing all the relevant information required to submit the plans for planning approval at your local council.The amount of information required does vary from council to council, but generally the requirements are :-
    1. Site plan at 1:100 scale showing a datum point, usually related to Australian Height Datum (AHD) , levels at four corners of the site and any levels relevant to your neighbours if a change of ground level is proposed.
    2. Floor plans at 1:100 scale showing overall area calculation , general room sizes and appliance locations, together with boundary setbacks complying with council policy and planning codes.
    3. Elevations at 1:100 scale, all shown in relation to natural ground level, with all external materials and colours indicated. The front of the property will be coloured to suit your personal taste. It may also be a requirement by council to provide a streetscape elevation showing the proposed building relative to adjoining buildings.
    4. Preparation of detailed external 3D images showing external colour and material selections as suggested by designer/client
  • ┬áCopies of this completed plan together with a planning application will be required for design development approval by your local council.

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